Imperial Training

Working At Height Course


Learners must be 16+ and bring along valid ID (Passport, Driving license or ID card) along with National Insurance and Proof of Address.


  • Courses will be delivered in house but can also be delivered on site.
  • Please contact us for any specific requirements.


  • No matter the height you are working on, whether above or below ground level, where there is risk of personal injury your work must comply with the Working at Heights Regulations 2005.
  • Falling from height is the highest cause of injury in the construction industry, and employers must take precautions to ensure that they avoid the work where possible and provide working equipment to prevent falls and accidents.
  • Employers must also ensure that any employee working at height is competent and understands the risks and dangers associated with working at heights.
  • This course is designed to train and make each individual competent when working at heights, teaching them their responsibilities and about the hazards when working at heights.

Course Content

  • Working at Heights regulation
  • Working safely at heights
  • Employers responsibility
  • Employee responsibility
  • Working at Heights Equipment (Ladders, Boards, Tubes)
  • Ties (different types)
  • Inspection procedure
There are no pre-requisites to enroll on this course however candidates must have the physical ability to carry out the procedures in this course.