Imperial Training

How it Works

National vocational qualifications courses level 1 to 7, only at Imperial Training Centre, your one-stop solution for any type of skill development in the field of construction. Be it Level 1 health and safety, NVQ Level 2 Carpentry, NVQ Level 2 bricklaying, or anything else, Imperial Training Centre provides for an all-around approach to learn these skills and turn into a full-fledged professional.

Our NVQ process is both quick and easy to get your employees through their qualifications, designed to provide minimal disruption to you and your business.

NVQ registration happens within 24 hours of an agreed booking, we then assign an assessor to your employee who will assess, tutor, and support them throughout the entire process.

The individuals will be required to gather evidence and be observed for the occupational competencies listed under each unit title of their chosen qualification. The assessor will support this process and provide help and guidance during visits to make this as easy and smooth as possible. It is important that all learners are actively working in their occupation in order to be able to complete.

Our assessors also complete all the necessary paperwork to ensure everything is in place. Where writing is required, we will also provide assistance and support to anyone encountering difficulties.