Imperial Training

Coss Recert (PTS AC + DCCR, IWA, OLP, CRP & LLT)


Learners must be 16+ and bring along valid ID (Passport, Driving license or ID card) along with National Insurance and Proof of Address.

Candidates must already have a Valid Sentinel Card with the relevant Medical and D&A assessments.

Candidates must possess a valid Rule Book required for COSS duties and a Log Book with 4 endorsed entries

Candidates must also have 2 endorsed entries in their COSS Duties rule book


  • Courses will be delivered in house but can also be delivered on site.
  • Please contact us for any specific requirements.


This course is intended for candidates who wish to set up a safe system of work on Network Rail’s infrastructure and act as a Controller Of Site Safety and require re-certification. It also covers Personal Track Safety re-certification

Who Is The Course Suitable For?

Anyone aged 18 or over that is required to protect a group working on or near the line. Railway Group Standard GO/RT 3358 (Persons Responsible for Protecting Work On or Near the Line) requires employers to select delegates for this role based on documented processes to assess aptitude and prior experience. A COSS may carry out IWA duties without further training.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of the course the delegate will be able to:
    • Demonstrate their ability to interpret correctly relevant parts of the Rule Book and relevant Railway Group Standards when acting as a COSS.
    • Demonstrate their understanding and ability to set up a Safe System of Work before any group of staff is allowed to go on or near the line.

Course Content

  • Clear Communication
  • Planning and creating a safe system of work
  • Check validity of Sentinel cards
  • Give briefings before work takes place
  • Working in a Possession
  • Working alone
  • Incidents where the line in unsafe
  • Line clear verification
  • Role of the RIO
  • Emergency procedures

Additional Information

Course fee includes Sentinel upload fee.

Re-certification is required every two years and consists have a three day classroom based course and assessment