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Coss Initial Course (PTS AC + DCCR, OLP, CRP, LLT & IWA)


Learners must be 16+ and bring along valid ID (Passport, Driving license or ID card) along with National Insurance and Proof of Address.

Candidates must already have a Valid Sentinel Card with the relevant Medical and D&A assessments.

Candidates must possess a valid Rule Book required for COSS duties and a Log Book with 4 endorsed entries


  • Courses will be delivered in house but can also be delivered on site.
  • Please contact us for any specific requirements.


This course is intended for candidates who wish to set up a safe system of work on Network Rail’s infrastructure and act as a Controller Of Site Safety. It also covers Personal Track Safety re-certification

Who Is The Course Suitable For?

This course is intended for candidates who wish to work on or near the line on Network Rail’s infrastructure.

Anyone aged 18 or over that is required to protect a group working on or near the line. Railway Group Standard GO/RT 3358 (Persons Responsible for Protecting Work On or Near the Line) requires employers to select delegates for this role based on documented processes to assess aptitude and prior experience. A COSS may carry out IWA duties without further training.

About COSS Initial

  • This course is designed to give candidates the knowledge and training to provide protection to groups of people who work on or near the track.
  • Candidates should at the end of the course be able to carry out the duties of the COSS to a competent level. They must also be able to accept OLP and CRP Documentation and accept Line clear Verification documents.
  • Candidates will also be able to test the conductor rail using a Live Line tester

Course Content

  • Clear Communication
  • Planning and creating a safe system of work
  • Check validity of Sentinel cards
  • Give briefings before work takes place
  • Working in a Possession
  • Working alone
  • Incidents where the line in unsafe
  • Line clear verification
  • Role of the RIO
  • Emergency procedures

Additional Information

Please note this course is a 6-day course and is carried out over 6 working days i.e. Monday to Friday plus Monday.